Examinations- Dates and Details

Annual Examinations, Birudh Examinations, Teacher’s Examinations 2014
I - Nursery, Beginner, Primary Examinations
a. The Annual Examinations will be held for Nursery, Beginner and Primary students, for both first year and second year students.
b. The Samajam will provide the Question Papers for both first and second year students.
c. Please note that there will only be an Oral Test for both the first and second year students.

World Sunday School Day Order of Worship

Order of Worship
World Sunday School Day- 2014

As approved by the Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church
Opening Prayer
Father God, we your children come before you with a heart of thanksgiving and praise. We ask of you to be with us today, and help us to realize your presence. May we be filled with the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thalanthu Parishodhana Music CD

Hey all,
 We are pleased to inform you that the CD for the Talent Test 2015 (Thanlanthu Parishodhana), is now ready for sale.
The CD will be called 'Karthavinte Karangal'. It will be priced at Rs. 80/-
Kindly come and collect your CDs from the Sunday School Samajam Office or DSM&C office in Thiruvalla.

Selfie? Or...

Admit it, you have done a Selfie at some point in your life?
Kids, the young and the old alike are crazy about Selfies.
God wants us to be selfless. Not self centered.

VOW- VBS 2014

The theme for the VBS 2014 will be 'VOW' / Vaagdanam based on Genesis 12:2 (b)
God promises humankind that he will bless them. But we are blessed to be a blessing to many.
How can we be a blessing to our family, community, friends, church, and nation? 
Come and find out! Pray for the blessings of VBS 2014.


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