Kindly click on the attachment and find the statement forms from 2015. Please download these forms and ensure that you send the completed forms via postal mail.
We shall not be receiving the soft copies of your completed forms.

Kindly note the Memory Verses for the Adult Sunday School Classes this year.
(The verses have also been given in this issue of Sandersini)

1- Isaiah 9:6
2- Luke 1: 30, 31
3- Luke 2: 49
4- Mathew 3:11
5- Mathew 5:16
6- Mathew 7:12
7- John 6: 35
8- John 11: 34
9- Zechariah 9: 9
10- Mark 14: 38
11- Mark 15: 34
12- Mathew 28: 5.6
13- Mathew 28: 19,20
14- Acts 1: 8
15- Acts 1: 11

We know that VBS 2015 has not yet concluded, and there many VBS's which are yet to take place. However, we would like bring to you the theme for the VBS 2016 now it self, so that prospective song writers can write songs and help us with the materials.
Theme: What's up?
Colossians 3:1
'Set your hearts on things above'

Please remember VBS 2016 and its prepartions in your prayers. Please feel free to mail us at and contribute your ideas to make VBS more meaningful and exciting. Thanks.

Songs Lyrics for the Divyasangeetham Competition 2015 Senior Category.

Here are the lessons to learn for this year:
Nursery to Senior Lessons 1-14 and 18-20. Total 17.
Young Adult  Lessons 1-12 and 16-20. Total 17.
Kindly note that Teachers and Adult Sunday School students are required to study all the lessons.

Please note that these lessons will be applicable to all Sunday Schools, within Kerala and outside Kerala/India.

Kindly find the pdf attachment to order VBS Books and Materials for VBS 2015.
Download the pdf attachment, fill in the forms at the earliest and mail us at

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