Lessons for the 2014 Annual and Birudh Examinations

The Lessons for the 2014 Annual and Birudh Examinations
In Kerala & Outside Kerala
Nursery to Yuvavakup
First 17 Lessons.
Outside India
Nursery to Yuvavakup
First 13 Lessons
Adult Class
All Lessons for Kerala,
Outside Kerala and Outside India
Teachers: All Lessons for Kerala
Outside Kerala and Outside India.


Dear friends,
'Thalirukal' is Samajam's monthly magazine for children. As you would have noticed, the recent issues of Thalirukal have gone through a sea change, in its overall content and even looks. We are striving to bring out this magazine in a way that can attract children in the most possible way.
Thalirukal magazine is filled with short stories, puzzles, jokes, poems, colouring pages and cartoons.


Dear friends,
 Please note that our age old email ID samajam@sify.com will not be working anymore, as sify has decided to shut down its mail services.
Therefore we have changed our email ID to mtsamajam@gmail.com. Kindly redirect your mails to this new address. It would be good if you can save the new mail ID into your email address database. The old sify ID can be deleted as well.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Talent Assessment 2014 Results

Dear all,
We thank God for his grace that prevailed during the Talent Assessments 2014. Everything went smooth without any hiccups. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
Special word of appreciation to all participants, especially who travelled from distant places. A prize may not be everything. Use your talents for God. God will certainly make you flourish.
Please find the list from the Downloads section and click on the PDF file. 
Total of 3 pages. 


Congratulations to Mr. Johny Tom Varghese, son of Rev. George Varghese (Punnakkadu) for securing 8th in the IAS examinations, and first in Kerala.
He was an active Sunday School student all his school years.
He went on to study Bsc Maths at the Madras Christian College and Management Degree at the PSG Institute of Management.
Achen serves at the Kizhakkenmuthoor St. Paul's MTC as Vicar.
No dream is too big, no dreamer is too small. With God, everything is possible.


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