Talent Test 2014

The Songs for the Talent Test 2014 is given below. You can also find the names in the Downloads section.
Please remember:
The CD for the songs will be available after November 30, 2013 from the Samajam office and the DSM&C office.

World Sunday School Day Order of Worship

Dear all,

Kindly see the English and Malayalam Order of Worship for the World Sunday School Day are given below.
It is also available in the Downloads section.

World Sunday School Day Special Song

Dear all!

The Samajam proudly presents to you a World Sunday School Day Song titled, 'Akhila Loka Sunday School Dinam', written and composed by Mr. Cyril Wilson.

The Track:

The minus Track / Karaoke:

VBS THEME-2014!!

Hey all!

The theme for the VBS next year is:-

TREASURES IN CLAY (Manpathrangalile Nikshepangal). Based on Isaiah 64:8

We are grateful to all of you for writing and composing beautiful and melodious songs for the VBS-2013.

Requesting you to get your musical brains running and send us some good songs, hovering around this theme.

Please pray for VBS 2014. Prayers can do wonders. Everyone who participates in the VBS should be blessed and transformed.


Results of the Talent Competition 2013


The results for the Talent Examinations 2013 (Thalenthu parishodhana) are out. It can be obtained by going to the Downloads section and downloading the specified file.
We thank you for your cooperation and your support extended to us throughout.
Congratulations to all who participated in the competitions.

Go to Downloads. Click on Results Talent Examinations 2013.


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