July 2016

Ranni Nilackal Senior Camp

The Senior Camp of the Ranni Nilackal diocese went well by the grace of God. Almost 300 students participated in the camp. Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Suffragan Episcopa inaugurated the programme. The theme was 'Trailblazers'. The group activities were interesting, as the students came up with beautiful collages and posters in relation to the theme.


Thalmed Quiz

Dear students,

The Church Animation Centre of the Mar Thoma Church is organizing an online Quiz for Sunday School Students, named Thalmed. A team from each Sunday School comprising of two students can take part in this competition. For participating in this, you need to get a testmonial from your Vicar and fill the required forms, as found on www.thalmed.com. The finals will be held on August 15 from 10 am, at the V.G.M Hall, Thiruvalla.

Essay Elocution Test Results

Dear all,

Please click on the attachments to get the Essay, Elocution results.

VBS Leaders Reunion

Dear all

There will be a VBS Leaders Reunion today at the St. Thomas MTC, Thiruvalla at 2: 30 PM on 9, July 2016. All leaders are invited. Please come and participate in this joyous reunion. Kindly pray for the blessing of the programme.

Exam Portions for this year

1) Please note that the lessons to be covered this year for the outside Kerala Sunday Schools are  Lessons 1-10 & 16-20.  This is applicable for all the classes except Proudavakup (Adult) . Adult Sunday School students must learn the whole book. 

2) Teachers in and outside Kerala Sunday Schools must learn the whole book.



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