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School Mission Updates

The Mission to School programme of the Samajam is progressing well by the Grace of God. The early monsoons sometimes act as a spoiler, however, we are able to reach school students and talk to them. The first of our School missions this year was at the T.M.T School, Thalavady. We were able to visit the Anaprambal Girls High School on 13-06-2014. 

If any schools would require us to come and visit you or hold a half day/One day programme, please let us know.

Lectio Divina

The first Lectio Divina was a blessing.  It was held in the Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Meditation and Research Centre, Kombady. The Field Staff along with Revds. Ninu Chandy and Prince Varghese sat together prayed, and read the Scriptures aloud.
The book of Genesis was completed. There was time for reflections and thoughts. Every participant expressed a sense of satisfaction and freshness once the Word of God was being read together and aloud. 

The meeting ended with a prayer.


A short film, named 180* (180 degrees), is underway. The entire film will be shot on Camcorder.
The story of the film revolves around the transformation of a young boy, who was on the verge of suicide.
The direction and script will be done by our Voluntary staff, Mr. Thomas Daniel Puliyoor, along with the inputs of Rev. Ninu Chandy and Rev. Prince Varghese.

We plan to show this movie for camps and our one day programmes.

Kindly keep us in prayers.

Resource Persons Camp

A two day camp of the Sunday School resource persons was held on 30-31 May 2014, at the Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Research and Camp Centre, Kombady.
The fabric behind the new Curriculum was once again woven, and its influence was discussed and delibrated.
The leaders were given training as to how they would train their respective Teachers in the Centre level.

Young Adult VBS Teacher's Handbook Vol. 1

Dear All,
 The Volume 1 of the VBS Teacher's handbook does not contain the Young Adult lessons. You can download the entire Young Adult handbook matter from the link in the Downloads section. 
Thank you.


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