VBS LTC 2016

The first VBS LTC took place at the CEC, Charalkunnu on 26 Feb- 28 Feb. It was a blessing by the grace of God. Over 280 leaders attended the programme. Classes were held, songs taught and workshop in groups also took place.
The next camp will be on the 4th, 5th and 6th March at the Jubilee Mandiram in Kottarakara. Leaders who had attended the camp at Charalkunnu need not come for the camp at Kottarakkara. Food and camping will be arranged.

There will always be a one day crash camp at the EJ Institute Kombady, on 2nd March 2016. This is only for the ones who cannot make it for a 3 day camp.
Kindly ensure that you submit the registration forms, downloadable from the site, and have the signature of the Vicar of your parish.

Please remember the VBS 2016 and its preparations in your prayers.

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