COIN COLLECTION-2018 Gulf Region

Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam
Coin collection June 2018.

We thank God for all those who are participating in the ministry of Christian Education through the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. Christian Education is a ministry of Transformation. May God Almighty enable all of us to be faithful in our activities.

Coin Collection May 25, 2018

Please note that this year the coin collection will be on the 25th of May 2018. The collection is for the various activities of the Samajam. I urge all our children and teachers to participate whole heartedly in this offertory. Habits lead to character formation therefore let us inculcate the habit of giving our resources for the Lord in the hearts of our children. Each student should be encouraged to give a minimum amount of Rs. 50/- ( Fifty rupees). The entire amount collected through this offering must be remitted to the Samajam office along with the annual statement. This year we expect an amount of 7 lakh rupees as coin collection.

Statement Form

Distribution of statement form will be done through the respective office center inspectors or through e-mail from 16 June, 2018. The last date for accepting the filled in forms to reach the Samajam office is July 30, 2018. The front page should be returned duly filled to the Samajam office even if no student is participating in the exam. Since we are collecting the database of each Sunday School, please give the correct details of students and Sunday School.

I) As part of collecting the datas of all students, you are here by requested to give the details of nursery, beginner, primary and first year Junior students in the prescribed form on or before 30th July, 2018 at the Samajam office.

II) The prescribed forms for filing the details of Junior second year students and teachers will be sent to the respective sunday schools. Please verify the details and send it back to us.

III) The details of the second year students who are writing the Birudh exam in the year 2018 in Intermediate, senior and young adults classes will be sent from the Samajam Office. Please make sure necessary additions and cancelations of names must be done in the prescribed forms and may be sent back to the Samajam office.

IV) There is no need to apply for course certificates along with the statement forms. Eligible students will be issued certificates by default.

I appreciate those who have prepared an e-mail ID as per the instruction from the Samajam. I encourage the remaining Sunday Schools to open an e-mail account for their Sunday school at the earliest.

V) Those who have not received the statement form within the announced date, are requested to contact the office immediately.

E-mail ID:
Please send all your queries, requests and feedbacks to the current e-mail ID of the Samajam:

VBS offertory:
The Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam is spending a sizebale amount for the VBS leadership training camps, production of VBS materials so as to make it available at a low cost for each Sunday School. Samajam also provides VBS materials at a subsidized rate for the financially backward parishes and mission fields. The VBS offertory would ensure and meet the above mentioned purposes. Those who haven't remitted the 2018 VBS offertory are requested to make their payment to the office at the earliest. I request your cooperation in the future for this purpose.

I take this opportunity to thank all, revered achens, Samajam co-workers, teachers, evangelists, parents and dear children for their active involvement in the Samajam activities. Let us join our hands together in this wonderful ministry.

With Prayers
In the ministry among children

Rev.Ninu Chandy
General Secretary.

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